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Frequent Urination, Residual Urination or Intermittent Urine Flow

Dribbling & Thin Urine Flow

Painful, stinging urination, Slow Urination & Urination Difficulty

Low Sexual Stamina, Premature Ejaculation or Soft Erection

Interrupted Sleep At Night, Low Energy Level & Tired

Constant Full Feeling in Bladder

Prostate inflammation, prostate infection & Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Blood in Urine & Semen

WARNING : If you're having one or more of the above symptoms, you may be suffering from Chronic Prostate Problems which has affected up to 30 million American. If nothing is done to restore your prostate health, then be prepared to Wear Diapers & Never Have Sex Again!!! 

From the desk of Willie Walter

Fremont,United States


ear Friend,

Did you know that…

Ó   According to study about 152,990,000 men in the world have erectile dysfunction. Generally, most men above 40 years old have trouble achieving or maintaining erection. Research also show that erectile dysfunction affects 47% of male above 40 years old. and the main contributing factor to sexual dysfunction and impotency is prostate problem.

Ó   Almost 30 million men suffer from benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). Odds are 50% of males will have prostate problems by the time we are 60. By the age of 65 most American men have enlarged prostates. The first signs are night urination and difficult urination. Literally 97% of all men will be affected with prostate problems before they die.

   Ó        Each year over 400,000 men in the United States alone undergo prostate surgery; and over a billion dollars a year is spent on prostate treatment. Surgery often results in incontinence and impotence.


f you are tired of embarrassing prostate symptoms and the great discomfort that don't seem to go away, then this will be the most important message you have ever read!

I think you would agree that Enlarged Prostate has wrecked havoc in your daily life...

Enlarged Prostate breaks into your life, unwanted and uninvited and robs you of so many things - things you used to take for granted.

So what do you do?

If you’re like most people, you make an appointment to see your doctor, hoping against hope that he or she can give you some ‘magic pill’ to “make this stinking prostate symptoms go away and give me my life back!”

If you’ve had enlarged prostate for any length of time, this is the point where you start muttering under your breath about the useless medical solutions and their horrible side effects...”

If this is what you've experienced, don't worry,  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!. I know how you feel. Having problems like these can cause discomfort, pain, and sorrow and will ultimately affect the quality of your life.

I felt the same way too! My name is Willie Walter, 53 years old. I'm just like you, who suffer from enlarged prostate for the past few years until I discovered a Traditional Natural Herbal Formulation that was used hundreds of years ago, and still being widely used today by the native Asian to stop enlarged prostate symptoms and reingite my sex life.

Believe me, if you're one of the 30 million Americans looking for a solution to the following problems...

Frequent , slow and painful urination

Dribbling & Thin Urine Flow

Painful, stinging urination, Slow Urination & Urination Difficulty

Low Sexual Stamina, Decreased sex drive or Soft Erection

Sought relief from prostate symptoms with over-the-counter prostate medicines but problems comes back weeks later

...Then you have come to the right place.

Come back with me to 2003 and let me share a little bit of my personal story (It's very relevant - and in fact, life-changing, so please bear with me)...

At first  I sought medications from doctors but these drugs would help much.  I have to line with side effects such as

About two years ago, I began noticing that I rarely woke up with an erection anymore and trips to bathroom at night were becoming more frequent and the uncontrollable spray when I urinated was becoming increasingly out of control and more frustrating. 

" I Was At The Brink of Becoming... IMPOTENCE! "

My sex life had gone from bad to worst,  I've found it harder and harder to achieve an erection. I have tried virtually all brands of fast-acting sex enhancer in the market. A few did give me the desired effect, I had to line with major side effect including headaches, indigestion and heart palpitation. Sometimes I managed to ignore it but often the discomfort was so bad that I had to forego sex!

You see, over the last few years, I have spent thousands of dollars researching natural, drug-free solutions to my arthritis.

Cure Your Enlarged Prostate  & Reignite Your Sex Life Today!

It's easy to tell if Vigarexx™ is working for you:

  • Frequent Urination — Gone!
  • Dripping & Thin Urine Flow —Vanished!
  • Low Sex Drive or Soft Erection  — Disappeared!
  • Constant Full Feeling in Bladder — Gone!

The truth is: Vigarexx is a revolutionary prostate  formula — but it's not an overnight miracle.

That means you have to give it time to work for you. How long?

Some folks notice a difference in a week… a month… while others need a little longer. But you can be certain of this: It will work for you! That's why I'm making you this unbeatable guarantee:

Give Vigarexx™ a fair try.

Take it for 1 months…3 months... 6 months! Take as long as you like.

If you don't notice a significant improvement in your prostate symptoms and sex life, simply return the unused portion—even if it's the last capsule—for a full refund. No ifs… ands… or buts!

And you can keep all the FREE gifts you received as a thank you for giving Vigarexx™ a fair try!

I think that's a fair way to give Vigarexx™ a try, don't you?

What Exactly Is Prostate Gland?

Prostate gland is a unique male organ. It is the largest auxiliary gland from the male reproductive organ. Due to the production of testosterone hormone from the testicles after a male enters the pubic period, the prostate gland starts to grow and function.

By 30 years old, the gland grows to a stable size, and after 45 years old, if the gland size is not growing, the prostate gland cells shall shrink, and the size also reduce.

The function of prostate gland are as follows;

a. Forming the urine prostate region, controlling the urination

b. Transporting the content from semen vesicles and product of gland tube to the urine

c. Producing prostate fluid

In an adult, the prostate gland size is comparable to a nut, with diameter around 3-4cm, and weights around 20g.

If the prostate gland has not been placed under proper care, it may grow as the male gets older, and affect the urination process, causing many males to have sexual problems, such as pain during ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, blood in semen & etc.

I pretty much tried everything to stop my 
prostate & sexual problems

I was deperately looking for a solution to my sorrow, until one day, one of my Asian friend introduced me to a herbal formulation and after taking the herbs for 2 weeks, miracle happend!. My enlarged prostate which has tortured me for the past 6 years were TOTALLY GONE!

"Don't Leave Your Prostate Problems To Doctors..."

I believe it is completely reasonable to expect our doctors to be objective and impartial when it come to giving us advice on various treatment. 

However, their objectivity is disturbingly questionable when the only option presented to us a cure is the costly Prostate Surgery.

Doctors regularly prescribe popular prescription drugs such as Proscar®, Flomax® and Cardura® for enlarged prostate.

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Now you may be wondering…


hy shouldn't you just use prescription drugs?

WARNING: many people who have ENLARGED PROSTATE take prescription drugs like PROSCAR, FLOMAX or AVODART. use of these drugs are almost certain to cause side effects. 

80% of prostate drugs Users Have Erectile Dysfunction.

There are two main types of drugs used for treating and enlarged prostate: alpha blockers and
5 alpha-reductase inhibitors...

Alpha blockers relax muscles near the prostate, while 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors shrink the prostate gland. There is evidence that taking both drugs together for BPH treatment may be more beneficial than taking either drug alone.
Alpha Blockers ( Cardura, Flomax, Hytrin & Uroxatral ).

Alpha blockers used for enlarged prostate treatment help relax muscles near the prostate to
relieve pressure and let urine flow more freely, but they don't shrink the size of the prostate.
For many men, these drugs can improve urine flow and reduce the symptoms of BPH within days.

Possible side effects for this form of treatment include:


 Headache and 


5 Alpha-Reductase Inhibitors ( Proscar & Avodart )

5 alpha-reductase inhibitors, known as finasteride or dutasteride, shrink the prostate. This
type of medication relieves symptoms by blocking an enzyme that acts on the male hormone
testosterone to boost organ growth. When the enzyme is blocked, growth slows down.  This helps to:
1. Shrink the prostate, 

2. Reduce blockage, 

3. Limit the need for BPH surgery. 

Taking this type of drug for at least six months to one year can increase urine flow and reduce the symptoms of BPH. It seems to work best for men with very large prostates.

Taking 5 Alpha-Reductase Inhibitor is a life-long affairs, Patients must continue to take it to prevent their symptoms from coming back. This type of drug is also used to treat baldness in men (for example Propecia).

5 alpha-reductase inhibitors can cause the following side effects:

 Decreased interest in sex,  

 Trouble getting or keeping an erection, and 

 Smaller amount of semen with ejaculation.

Another problem with prescription drugs is that many people take more than one medication.  The effects of one drug can amplify or alter the effects of another, which can lead to serious reactions or even death in some cases. 

These can also happen when over-the-counter medications are used.

Prescription drugs also increase the risk of recreational drug use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that an estimated 4 million people use prescription drugs non-medically, which can lead to addictions. 

In addition, overdosing, whether intentional or unintentional, can have severe consequences up to and including death. 

Prescription drugs can also build up toxins in your body, particularly as you age because your metabolism slows down, and your body is less able to process the medication. Based on these findings, wouldn’t you agree that you are better off using a natural home remedy, instead of prescription drugs? 

So as you've learned, there are many serious reasons why you need to try a safe & natural  remedy, instead of prescription drugs or celebrex.

Natural Remedies Is The Only Solution!

I have found the natural remedies that are tried and true. They have worked safely for me and our customers within minutes, and without any drugs or side effects. They are safe, and have absolutely no side effects.  

I want to help you end your suffering and there really is no good reason for you to take drugs when you can be cured using a natural remedy! 

" What Doctors Won't Tell You About Natural Remedies..."

Most doctors will not tell you about these natural remedies. Natural remedies are not taught in medical school! You are about to find out about a safe and natural way to get long-lasting relief from your pain, and cure the cause of your disease as well. 

If you're tired of frequent urination… the embarrassing after drops…painful, slow and stinging urination...low sex drive and unable to maintain erection...and desire for freedom to effortlessly live your life... enjoying sex again .…

.... then allow me to introduce to you to a revolutionary new formula that helps to stop all your prostate enlargement symptoms  and for all & reignite your sex life again.....

Announcing Vigarexx....

The Mother Earth's Ultimate Solution To All Your Prostate Problems That All The Goodness Of Nature Can Provide....

" Enlarged Prostate & E.D. SPEED CURE...
Outperforms All Drugs Known To Science!"

All without the dangers of prescription drugs! 

Vigarexx™ is specially designed to unleash optimum nutrients to help eliminate enlarged prostate symptoms and turbocharge your libido into overdrive within days.

Viagarexx contains ingredients that helps relieve prostate symptoms while as the same time, turbocharge your sexaul libido into overdrive almost immediately.

With an abundant supply of reconstructive nutrients—you will quickly see that Vigarexx helps to

The result?

You quickly help douse the fiery inflammation or infection in your prostate…

…help put an end to frequent, slow, painful and stinging urination…

…no more embarrassing after-drops…

...reignite your sex will feel like you were 20 again...

in fact...

Vigarexx is a one tablet solution to your prostate & sexual health...

                   That's because Vigarexx™ contains the following                            amazing ingredients…

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"Here is a summary of the benefits you receive"

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Prostate Pill Report: SCAM ALERT

Prostate Pill Report and Prostate Pill Insider are two new web sites which display the names Stigwood Research Institute and /or M.D. Health Reports on their sites to apparently give the impression that they are sponsored by or associated with an independent, accredited, research agency, providing impartial ratings and reviews of prostate products. They have rated Prostavar number 1 with an A+ grade.

Upon researching the legitimacy of this, it was discovered that both of these sites as well as the Prostavar website, not only have their domain-name ownership's hidden, but coincidentally . . . they happen to use the exact same private registration service to hide their ownership. This in itself can not be considered proof of fraud, but it certainly is VERY suspicious. Furthermore, given the unethical history (see below) the makers of Prostavar have had, this type of misrepresentation seems right up their alley and a serious conflict of interest seems very likely.

Consumers need to be aware that these sites do NOT appear to be independent or impartial in any stretch of the imagination . . . rather . . . they appear to hide their likely ownership interest in Prostavar and trick people into buying this product based on the A+ rating they gave it, using quotes like this "Achieved the highest lab scores of any product! No wonder it works so well!"

They claim to have gone through the very expensive process of testing all the competitive products included on their list. One of the things they supposedly test for and base their high rating of Prostavar is "free fatty acids", which actually have no therapeutic value what-so-ever in treating prostate enlargement. One wonders why they would place such a high emphasis on and test for an ingredient that has no therapeutic value ? Could it be that they are trying to create demand for their product by misleading consumers about the importance of this ingredient and then bragging about how much of it their product contains ?

Does it seem like a mere coincidence that both The Stigwood Research Institute and the makers of Prostavar foolishly give such a high weighting to this unimportant ingredient ? . . . or does it seem more likely that Stigwood Research Institute and the makers of Prostavar are in cahoots with each other, having the same ownership or at least a common financial interest ?

For a research institute that is supposed to be scientific and impartial they sure sound like a company trying to sell their own product, using quotes like this "Remember these scores are PER DOSE! It has more in ONE DOSE than many of the products have in their entire bottle! Bottom line- record break score- think Tiger Woods, Ted Williams, Micky Mantle and Jerry West all rolled into one!"

Furthermore, Superbalife International, the company listed on the Prostavar product label, has received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) . The BBB says "We strongly question the company's reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law's licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company's industry is known for its fraudulent business practices". The BBB also goes on to say "Complainants allege unauthorized credit or debit card charges, false advertising, failure to honor their money back guarantee, and inability to obtain refunds. Other customers complain the product does not work as advertised, or that disclosures regarding the terms and conditions of the offer are unclear or that company representatives attempt to verbally change the conditions when contacted by customers to request refunds or credits. Some complainants allege after returning products for refunds, the company issues only partial refunds. Others complain that although they are promised refunds, the company fails to send them."

The tacticts deployed by this company may fool some people . . . hopefully, that does not include you. The apparent conflict of interest regarding site ownership, in combination with the inconsistent and false statements they make about other prostate products, as well the misleading and self-serving comments they make about Prostavar . . . AND their "F" rating from the BBB demonstrate to me, their total lack of credibility and ethics. If all of this was not bad enough, this company has blatantly infringed on and plagiarized our copyrighted web content. They are not the first company to do this online, but they are the first company (that I know of) who had the audacity to actually publish a magazine (The Men's Guide to Prostate Supplements) which contains our copyrighted content verbatim.

Please do not be scammed by this company! . . .

Our review of this company should be enough to dissuade you from having anything to do with them . . . but for the sake of completeness . . . let's now take a closer look at the product they promote: 


Prostavar RX made by Superbalife International is proudly promoted as being "the most expensive natural prostate product in the world". At $49.95 per bottle it clearly is! On their website, they say "Prostavar is quite expensive due to its high doses of the essential components in the formula." They apparently are referring to the saw palmetto extract they use. But as has already been shown, saw palmetto which is comprised almost entirely of "fatty acids", with only a very small part "beta sitosterol", is actually very ineffective as a treatment for BPH AND can even be potentially harmful.

The supposedly independent Prostate Pill Report makes such a big deal about the high levels of "free fatty acids" contained in Prostavar RX, as if that is important . . . they even make the ridiculous, unfounded claim that this is why "more men seem to get better results". There are no clinical studies (that I am aware of) which back up this self-serving claim. Does that sound like the kind of conclusions a legitimate research institute would make ? or does it sounds like misinformation coming from a pseudo company pretending to be independent, but actually just promoting their own product ?

What's important to understand here is that the fatty acids have no therapeutic value at all. On the contrary, it is the "beta sitosterol" component of saw palmetto that makes up the active constituents . . . and in actuality, saw palmetto has very little "beta sitosterol" content.

Furthermore, when considering that beta sitosterol has been clearly shown to be the most important ingredient for prostate health, it is quite amazing that a product as expensive as Prostavar RX only contains 50 mg of beta sitosterol, yet they claim that amount is "higher than any competitor" . . . which is a rather absurd statement to make and is just NOT true.

The makers of Prostavar brag about their product containing 28 mg of quercetin. They go on to say "According to a study reported in Urology, men who took a supplement containing quercitin reduced most of their symptoms by at least 25%, including pain and inflammation." This is a rather absurd quote . . . first of all, they don't mention what symptoms were reduced . . .
implying that it helps with BPH. Secondly, they don't say what the dose of quercetin used in the study was . . . they only say "a supplement with quercitin" . . . which is ridiculous. They seem to imply that taking any quercetin (even the mere 28 mg/day that their product contains) will help you.

The truth is that quercetin is a great supplement to take for prostate health (much more for prostatitis than for BPH) but the therapeutic dose is at least 250 mg/day . . . the 28mg/day that Prostavar RX provides is a joke. In our industry we use the term "window dressing" to describe product labels that try to impress by listing every ingredient under the sun, yet use less than therapeutic doses of these bragged about ingredients. This is a classic example!

I find it quite amusing that on their website, apparently offered as evidence of their product's superiority, they show a picture of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine they use during their manufacturing process, as if using this machine somehow makes for a better product . . .
this is another rather absurd point they try to make.

Lastly, the name of their product Prostavar RX is somewhat misleading . . .
it seems to imply that Prostavar RX is a prescription drug or is of "prescription strength", which of course is NOT true.

All in all . . . the marketing strategy for Prostavar RX is very clever . . . though in my opinion . . . highly unethical! They probably fool many customers into thinking Prostavar RX is "prescription strength" and the best money can buy. Ultimately however, Prostavar is NOT even close to being best . . . just the most expensive.

Beware of this company promoting Prostavar, their scam website . . . and their bogus product

"A Fusion Of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Techology"

Vigarexx™ is the wonderful result from a meticulous and successful scientific research study leading by American Scientist. Combining precious Chinese herbal medicine essences, optimizing warranted and patented technology, the most unique and exclusive secret formula in the market is born.

Vigarexx™ is a joint effort and an assimilation of Chinese and Western technology and scientific research. Hence, Vigarexx™ is truly a remarkable product that transcends borders and exceeds all expectations.

When we combine all the four herbal medicines, together with the help of Revolutionary nano-extraction technology, through of course, a closely guarded proprietary process, we have a formulation so potent and effective that it benefits all men with prostate & sexual problems.

Vigarexx™ is produced by employing a Proprietary Process based on Revolutionary Nano-Extraction technology to extract the essence of traditional herbal medicines. It is the Nano-Particles that make Vigarexx™ so effective and plays a pivotal role to bring out such wonderful effects.

So, What exactly is Nanotechnology?...

Nanotechnology is defined as the science and technology of building electronic circuits and devices from single atom or molecule, or the branch of engineering that deal with things smaller than 100 nanometers. A nanometer is about 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Nanotechnology deals with and manipulates anything that occur within the scale of a nanometer.

The size of Vigarexx™ is produced to about 300 times smaller than our human body cell. This enable its active ingredients to penetrate and permeate into our cell membrane instantly and effectively.

Vigarexx™ is only available in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and now United States and Vigarexx™ will also be available in other countries soon.

"Vigarexx™ Is No Miracle Pills"

Do not expect your prostate problems will go away tomorrow after using Vigarexx™, we're no snake oil salesman that will hype up the effects of our product. But you're assured that, within 7 – 30 days after using Vigarexx™ you'll see improvement and your symptoms will gradually go away.

If you have any question about Vigarexx™, there is Frequently Asked Question page where you can find the answer to your burning questions about Vigarexx™ or questions about your prostate & sexual health, Click here to get your answer now....

Or if you are still unsure and would like to have “human” help to answer your query, no matter how basic you feel it may be, please send me an email and I'll personally answer your question within 48 - 72 hours. Send me your question here!

Talk about Vigarexx™ function as male sexual enhancer, here is the comparison between Vigarexx™ & other male health products in the market.

"Vigarexx™ Vs Other Men Health Products"

It contains natural ingredients like cynomorium, Cordyceps, Ganoderma and spirulina polypeptide. Contains no aphrodisiacs.
Repair and improve all organ functions to its optimum condition.
No side effects
Highly concentrated with the active ingredients. A small quantity can play a great role.
Our technology is patented. We boast special and detailed research and development.
General men's health products in the market
It contains artificial ingredients and aphrodisiacs chemical composition, which includes tadalafil. sildenafil, yohimbe, vardenafil etc.
Improve specific physical functions only. For example, improving erectile dysfunction but ignore other body organs.
May have side effects
Concentration of active ingredients may be low, added with non nutritional ingredients. A large quantity is required for positive impact.
May not passed vital studies or utilizing non patented technologies and does not have research support.

Statistically, as many as 90% of our customers said that they did not experience any unpleasant side effects - like headaches, extreme palpitation, sweating & dizziness - that are so commonly associated with other sexual enhancers.

The remaining 10% did feel some minor facial flushing and warmness in the body, all of which is tolerable reactions.

These are caused by blood circulation enhancing herbs in Vigarexx™, and do not remotely pose as any form of threat to your well-being in any way.

You'll be assured to know...Vigarexx™

Does NOT Contain Yohimbe!

Unlike 95% of sexual enhancer in the market, Vigarexx™ does not contain Yohimbe, a proven herbal aphrodisiac that works well...but can cause very unpleasant side effects like palpitation, vomiting, insomnia, body aches and aggressive behavior.

While Yohimbe is not illegal in United States, it is banned in many countries through the world, that in itself speak volume about the safety of the herbs, especially if you intend to use it for a long period of time.

Caution : Vigarexx Is No Fast Acting Sex Enhancing Pills !

Let me give you a blast of  Brutal Honesty About Fast Acting Sex Enhancing Pills!

Let's face it. The sex enhancing pill industries prey on your desperation.

Whether you're a premature ejaculators, unable to obtain or maintain an erection or just want to increase your capacity to perform sexually, the most important thing is result, isn;t it?

As human beings we all want instant gratification.

As a hot blooded male, who wouldn't want to be able to fuck all night without taking a break?. And if you've tried fast acting sexual enhancing pill before, you know they work amazingly fast.

It's like Down the pills go, UP goes your weiner.

You'' be amazed how little time it takes to transform "Little Willy " into "Steel Member". In fact, you might be of the opinion that they work even better than ED drugs

I'm certainly not psychic, but I'm pretty sure with your 'erectile' power, your partner would be impressed with your ability to rise to the occasion and perform.

Maybe the pill made you a stud....

Maybe the pill made you gain a whole load of new found self confidence and respect...

Maybe you even wound up 'inspiring' yourself...

Maybe you think the pills is the mini modern day miracle...

Is Your Hard On Worth Suffering Side Effects
Like These...

If you've taken any fast acting sexual enhancing pills before, chances are you probably might have experienced...
              Indigestion or vomitting
              Blue Vision or nausea
              Nasal Congestion
              Heart Palpitation

All these are part and parcel of taking fast acting sex enhancing pills...Sure these side effects may not seem to be 'fatal' and you may be apt to just simply dismiss them.

Nothing could be further from the truth...

These side effects could be more ' dangerous' than you think and are good indication that your supposed 'herbal' sex pills is adulterated.

Wisen Up...

Your safety and well being is our No.1 concern, and if you've made it this far, you really owe it to yourself to Try Vigarexx™ Before You try Anything Else!

If you're looking for a herbal sexual enhancer to elevate your sexual performance to level never experienced owe it to yourself to use a proven 100%, natural product like Vigarexx™

Think about it!

No Matter How 'Nice' A Person your Partner Is, She Will Be Sorely Disappointed When You're Unable To Perform.

Sure, She might say nice thing like " it's OK..I understand " blah blah when what she really means is, " You're Such A Loser! "

And that's totally ok and before Vigarexx™ was conceived, I had many occasions when I was unable to " rise to the occasion'.

As men, we can take it in our strides. it happens sometimes.

But what happen if she misinterprets your inability to perform and apparent lack of desire as not finding her "attractive and desirable enough?".

What kind of damper will that put on YOUR RELATIONSHIP?

        Will she look for someone else whom she think will appreciate her more?

        Will she look for someone else who can fulfill her innermost deepest desires and
              totally satisfy her at the core of her being?

Think about that!

I think you'll realize why spending a few measly dollars on a 100%, natural herbal product that would improve your sexual performance as well as your prostate health can be the best investment you'll make in both yourself and your loved one.

Vigarexx™ can cause dramatic and wonderful changes in your life in literally every level.

You'll surprise yourself when you discover why you don;t have to take Vigarexx™ for weeks to feel its invigorating and revitalizing effects.

Make Love Like You Were 20 Again!

You'll be totally empowered with the supreme confidence and rest assured that any performance you have in bed will be nothing short of explosive  and stunning.

In fact, when your try Vigarexx™ yourself, not only can you potentially inspire your partner, you might even end up inspiring yourself.

Can I Take You Aside For A Minute For Some straight Blunt Talk?!


I'm not gonna bullshit you into believing that Vigarexx™ will work for you 100%. You don;t need me to tell you this. But even ED drugs don;t work for everyone, everytime.

What I Do know, is that Vigarexx™ has worked exceeding well in so many circumstances, is 100% safe to consume, and as high as 91% of all our customers are satisfied with the result produced by Vigarexx™.

And let's get real. This is webpage. I don't really know you from a bar of soap. I don't know the least about your personal health condition, age etc, all of which may affect how well Vigarexx™ can work for you.

Which is why...

All You Have To Do Is Simply Say "Maybe "

Simply test drive Vigarexx™, absolutely risk free!

If, at anytime during 90 days period, you're not satisfied with Vigarexx™ in ANY way at all, simply return for a full refund. No weasel clauses, No Question Asked, and we'll still remain friends.

No Hard Feeling.

Caution : For Those With Hypertension, Heart Disease & Diabetes

The dosage for Vigarexx™ varies depend on your condition. If you do not have other chronic diseases other than enlarged prostate, the dosage is as follow...

Enjoy sex  as and when you like — without the embarrassment!

Soft erection? Unable to rise to the occassion? 

If you experience soft erection, unable to penetrate... —you're about to discover some remarkable news…

Researchers from the University of Memphis discovered that about 80% of those with enlarged prostate experience soft erection and unable to perform sexually. 

With Vigarexx!... you now have t

the easiest way to turbo charge  your libido  in as little as 7 days ...without the damaging side effects of Flomax, Proscar, Viagra or any other drugs!

With Vigarexx, you can prolong your sexual performances, give you back your solid steel
erections that doesn't let up, and best of all, effects can be felt for 4 to 5 days.

 This remarkable formulation helps RESTORE sexual health… shrink prostate… and make you feel like 20 again!

1.   Take one tablet of Vigarexx™ per day for 3 consecutive days ( 1 box of Vigarexx™ has 10 tablets ). You should see some improvement already.

2.   After third day, you can take Vigarexx™ one tablet every 3 days or every 4 days depending on your needs. ( which means fourth tablet on the sixth or seventh day )

***Note : If your condition is serious, you're advised to take one tablet of Vigarexx™ daily until you condition improve

If you're suffering from hypertension, heart disease & diabetes, you should start taking a small amount ( 1/2 tablets per day ) and gradually increase to one tablet per day and then follow the dosage instruction as above.

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Even if you have tried treatments or other products with some of the same ingredients I urge you to give Vigarexx a try. I too had tried to find relief but only after I discovered the unique synergistic formula that I use in Vigarexx did I actually find the healing that met my high safety and effectiveness standards.

Then Vigarexx can help you can enjoy an active life as I have with Vigarexx...

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Here's what FORMER enlarged prostate sufferers
have to say about Vigarexx!

Harder Erection. No More Minute Man. Premature Ejaculation Is A Thing Of Past

Here is what Michael says...

I just want to write and say thank you for recommending ‘Vigarexx’ to me. I have been experiencing premature ejaculation and could only last a few minutes and then it was over. Now I have a lot of stamina and my erection is harder and I can last longer. The best thing is can have sex more than once a night for the first time since I was in my early 20’. ‘Vigarexx’ has really made me feel like a young man again. Thank you.

Michael Carrick, Age 48


Enlarged Gland Problem?... Gone! I Sleep Comfortably Through The Night!

I am 57 years old and like many men my age have an enlarged prostate gland problem which was frequently forcing me to get up in the middle of the night in order to urinate. I began taking ‘Vigarexx’ about a month ago and now sleeping comfortably through the night. I would recommend this wonderful Chinese herbs product to anyone with the same problem.

Philip Phang Age 57


"My Morning Erection Is Strong & Hard...I Felt Like A Great Man Again!"

I have been suffering from intense stress which I believe it was due to my job as a Loan Officer in one of the most prestigious bank. I’ve also lost my hair and felt no interest in sex nor enjoyed it. Every time I tried to have sex, my erection was weak and I ended up feeling nervous that I would finish too quickly. I started taking ‘Vigarexx’ about two months ago. After only 10 days (1 sachet per day), I can feel the difference. My morning erection is now frequently strong and hard. Best of all, I found that I can now go on for much longer. I felt like a great man again. Thank you very much for introducing such a ‘GREAT’ product to me.

Andrew Seet, Age 45


   "No trouble Getting Erection At All & Get     Multiple Erection Daily That Last                Much Longer "

I have been taking ‘Vigarexx’ for about 3 months now. I am in tune with my body and have eaten healthy & exercise constantly for many years. So it was with some disappointment that I began to notice in my late 40’s that my previously always active libido seemed to be fading away and I was beginning to have trouble sustaining erections through intercourse. This was a slow insidious change that I did not notice first. Perhaps of even more concerned, I noticed that I was less interested and even apathetic at times to the opposite sex. I was discouraged by this lack of interest and performance.

I learned about ‘Vigarexx’ through a friend of mine. At first, I was skeptical and a bit apprehensive but I tried it anyway. I did not notice any effects after the first 4 days and only a slight effect after the fifth day. But by the 2nd week, it was apparent that something was happening! I began to get spontaneous erections, upon waking up in the morning, in the middle of the days or while driving. I don’t remember getting spontaneous erections since my teenage years. What amazing results for someone who recently was having trouble getting erections at all. I have stuck to the product, consistently taking it. I can get multiple erections daily and they last much longer. Most importantly, my libido has increased many folds since I started ‘Vigarexx’. Overall, this product has improved my quality of life. I am compelled to give this testimonial because I believe this is really and excellent product that could help many men my age.

John Elton, Age 49

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"With Vigarexx™, You Get At Least 10 Times Your Money Worth!"

How much does Vigarexx™ cost me?. $200, $150 or $100 per month ?.You may ask.

  Eminently Affordable

Well. You may be surprised that such a benefits-laden product doesn’t cost you $200, $150 or even $100. The price for a 30 day suppy of Vigarexx™ cost you only $69.00.

This means that Vigarexx™ actually cost you approximately $2.30 per day, less than the cost of a Starbuck coffee, an affordable price that are sure to fit into even the tightest budget.

Compared to all the priceless moments you stand to lose if you don’t make a change right now, isn’t $2.30/day just a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste on ineffective products that not just waste your money but also sabotage your health?. You can even think of this another way.

Does Your Prostate & Sexual Health Worth
More Than $2.30 / day?

What else can you do for $69 that can so greatly improve the quality of your life, your woman’s life and your family. By now if you are not jumping up and down thinking “Yes! Yes!” then I know the only other thing that you could possibly be thinking of is, you are still skeptical. 

You are worry that “ Vigarexx™ won’t work for me. Nothing ever work for me “.

Is that really the truth ?.

Come on, think about it. Vigarexx™ has been extensively researched, evaluated, clinically tested and proven effective. It has worked for men around the globe. Why would you still be the only one still thinking Vigarexx™ wouldn’t work on you?.

Now, Set your mind at ease, forget all that, the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter.

Because you are not going risk one dime, and I will personally guarantee that you will be successful with this product or I will give you 100% of your money back.

So, do you want it?  Good.  If I didn't believe, deep in my heart, you would want to try Vigarexx™, I wouldn't have bothered pouring my heart out to you.

But with so many acid reflux products out there, and no objective scoreboard to tell you which one works and which does not, how can you be sure you are not going to be ripped off?  

Maybe you are shaking your head and saying and thinking, "This is too good to be true."  I don't blame you for being skeptical.  

Many dishonest companies try to take advantage of men and scam them out of their money.  That is not the case here.  And, there is a "test" that is a very accurate indicator of whether or not any product offered to you is true or not true.  And that test is...


What I mean about that is, when you get involved with a fat-cat that is trying to cheat you, they always paint a rosy picture of what you will get after you pay them a lot of money.  However, what I've been thinking about is how you can get this product without risking a dime?

And, I've put a lot of time and energy into that question.

You see, in order for "all-in-one" Vigarexx™ to "stand-out-from-the-crowd" I needed a way to prove to you...beyond a shadow of a doubt... it is everything I've said it is – an all natural, completely harmless way for you to stop arthritis & joint pain... in the fastest time humanly possible...

So, here's what I've come up with:

I'm not even going to dream of asking you to take any financial risk if you think Vigarexx™, is not exactly what you have been looking for. No, I'm going to make it as easy, and as simple, as is humanly possible for you to try this amazing new formulation you won't anywhere else out for yourself... without risking a single dime of your own money.

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee

 ( 20 capsules X 500mg a pack)
90 Days No-Strings Attached Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Why would I offer a guarantee like this?. Because I am 110% convinced you will be delightful with the benefits that Vigarexx™ would bring you. Listen, I want people be extremely happy with Vigarexx™. I don’t want any unhappy customers

" Take Full Advantage Of The 100% 90 days No String Attached Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee...."

The Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee is my personal promise……

If within 90 days, and for any reason whatsoever, you feel that Vigarexx™ is not for you, Just return Vigarexx to us, and I’ll refund you immediately, no question asked!.

There will be no hard feelings and we can still be friends. I trust in this potent prostate herbal formulation, and I believe after you have experienced the same results as many men who have tried it before you, you will find it impossible to take me up on my "almost too good to be true" guarantee.

That's a darn good, no-risk-on-your-part guarantee! And it means there is absolutely no reason in the world for you not to try Vigarexx out.

But why am I willing to give you a 90-days money back guarantee

Does that sound strange to you? I'm sorry if it does, but I know what it's like to be ripped off time and time again by useless pills, and it's not nice. I've already told you I've been a victim myself.  So, no matter what... I intend to treat you like I would like to have been treated myself. In other words, I believe you deserve to be able to try my product out...risk free.

How can I afford to be so generous?

Very easy – so far, every single man I know of who has used this amazing product has experienced results that – as you saw in the above testimonials – almost defy belief.

And in truth, I know almost all of the people who try out Vigarexx™, become repeat customers – ordering many more packs of this amazing pills – again and again.

While I cannot legally guarantee that Vigarexx™ WILL work for you 100%, the evidence and proof of how well Vigarexx™ has worked for our existing customers stack the odd heavily on my shoulder.

So, I'm very confident it is going to work wonders for you too. And I firmly believe when you experience the same remarkable results I have spoken about in this letter, you will undoubtedly become a repeat and valued customer and friend of mine also.

You'll Be The Judge, Jury Or if Need Be, the Executioner.

Here's the deal: If you want to get your 30-day supply, then you need to move fast... right now, in fact... before it's too late.  There are only a certain amount of "no risk" packs being made available.

For the fastest possible service, all you need to do is have your credit card handy and click here.

That's all there is to it. As soon as I receive your order, the package will be sent to you within 24 hours! The price for a 30-day supply of Vigarexx™ is an absolute steal, too cheap in fact, at just $69.00, it's an absolute give-away when you consider how much it costs to have surgery.

Also Included Are Your Awesome Bonuses -
Valued At Well Over $237!

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Zero Risk - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Zero Risk - 100% Money-Back Guarantee - "I understand that I am fully protected by the 100% Money Back Guarantee!If, for any reason, within 90 days, I am not 100% satisfied that Vigarexx is exactly as described, I can request a full, no questions asked refund."

Profit HerbalsYes, Willie! I'm EXCITED to get a 30-day supply of the amazing all-in-one Vigarexx™ ...and I know there's no time to lose.  Thanks for making it such a no-brainer!

I also understand that it doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m in the morning, my order will be delivered instantly!

PLUS, Your Amazing Bonuses! Don't forget you get to claim over $237 in extra useful training bonuses that will further improve your health

I also appreciate your no-hassle 90 Day 100% money-back guarantee and I that I can lock in my order right now for the amazingly low introductory price of just $79 $69!

So here's my order... I understand that I will be charged $69 for a 30 days supply of Vigarexx.

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It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m in the morning,
Order is fulfilled through PayPal's Secure Processing Visa/Mastercard/Amex Accepted!


I want to say thanks for reading this letter and considering the Vigarexx. Best wishes to you and your family.


Willie Walter

P.S. If you have any questions, or queries about Vigarexx™ , then please don't hesitate to conntact me here. or contact us at 1-800-935-1381 Ext 221I will be more than happy to answer all your question about enlarged prostate, your sexual health and vigarexx.

Please don't put this off.  You can see by what other men are saying that this is truly and honestly the real thing.  If you're SERIOUS about regaining your prostate health, and you do use Vigarexx™, the results you see will astonish you and put the "envy" into your friends. 

Continue Helping People!

“I was going to wait a whole week before I replied because it's so hard to believe Vigarexx actually worked. 

I have had many sleepless nights as the result of enlarged prostate.

Last January I spent a week in the hospital, After all the tests, gave me some medicine to take. 

First they gave me Flomax, that helped a little, butI was afraid of side effects especially heart diseases. 

By September I was taking 2 pills a day and they weren't helping.  I've spent several nights either without sleep or catnapping in my recliner. I felt lousy and even my friends said that I didn't look well. 

After taking Vigarexx for 2 weeks, I couldn't believe it! My prostate pain has gone and I slept all. No more night urination!

Thank you so much for the help. My Doctor did not know about Vigarexx. I told her I was taking Vigarexx and  She said if this remedy works for me, I may not need to do that.  So far so good.”

Thanks again

Adam King

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